Monday, April 23, 2012

High Standard Plumbing

High Standard Plumbing Company, Inc. prides themselves in providing quality full-service plumbing contracting for a fair price.  They specialize in new residential and commercial work, repairs, remodels, additions, water heater service and replacement, and winterization to customers in the High Country.  Owners Cheryl Harmon-Meade and Scott Meade purchased the assets of A&B Plumbing and Heating from Cheryl’s parents after they retired in June 2007 from 35 years of business.  Since then the business has been known as High Standard Plumbing, and Cheryl and Scott work hard to keep all of their customers happy by providing quality work, handling any call-backs promptly, and leaving the home as they found it: no trash or dirty boot tracks to be found. “We want happy customers and we’ll go the extra mile to keep them that way” is a statement Scott and Cheryl faithfully uphold in their business.

Scott is originally from Asheville, but often traveled up to Boone in the winter to ski. After he decided to attend Appalachian State University in 1986, he never wanted to leave. Scott’s wife Cheryl and her family are long-time natives of Watauga which gives their business a family approach that is very appealing.  After Cheryl’s parents decided to retire, they knew they wanted to keep the family business alive, and now even her brother and sometimes her nephew work on the family team.  High Standard generally works in the Elk River area at Grandfather Golf and Country Club, Linville Ridge, and Eeseola.  They also obtain a lot of their business from Echota, Echota on the Ridge, and Chalakee.

 Scott, who has 17 years of experience in the plumbing business, thoroughly enjoys designing custom plumbing systems and taking on unique challenges.  One such challenge he encountered was determining how to plumb an interesting stump for a sink base.  In order to do this, Scott had to figure out a way to transform the stump into a lavatory base for a powder room, allowing the piping to run down through the stump and into the walls. These are the types of challenges that High Standard Plumbing is willing and eager to take on, and they will do their best to conquer any task set before them.  They are also currently taking on the expensive challenge of becoming “green-certified”, which can involve such things are using less-harmful materials, working with gray water collection systems, and using solar panels to heat hot water for an entire home.  Although these things are often expensive for the home-owner, High Standard Plumbing hopes to educate customers on the benefits these changes can have on the environment.

Scott tries hard to overturn the misconception that all tradesmen are overpaid for their skill levels. With High Standard Plumbing, both Cheryl and Scott wish to establish the standard that the price paid by the consumer should reflect the level of skill the tradesman possesses. High Standard Plumbing not only reassures customers through their quality work, but they also have the credentials which demonstrate their dedication to superior service. They are well seal certified, insured, and licensed in both commercial and residential plumbing.  

When asked to describe themselves as business owners in ten words or less they chose just one: trustworthy.  Their family values, impeccable customer dedication, and unsurpassed skill level allow them to live up to their goal of maintaining happy customers who are satisfied with the work they accomplish.  They are committed to maintaining the “High Standard” set by Cheryl’s father, Billy, and they feel confident that most customers will find their family business to be fairly-priced and, as the name denotes, that of a higher standard.    For more information on the services of High Standard Plumbing Company, Inc. call (828)964-5510, visit their website at, or send an email to 

Owners of High Standard Plumbing, Inc. Scott Meade and Cheryl Harmon-Meade

An example of High Standard Plumbing, Inc.'s custom plumbing designs

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