Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Take a Hike!

            Living in the High Country, we have the ability to walk out of our front door and see a big, beautiful mountain staring us in the face. During the winter we can drive just a few short miles down the road and experience some of the best skiing on the East Coast. Needless to say, the High Country is a pretty spectacular place to be.

One of my absolute favorite outdoor activities up here is hiking. It may sound corny, but I always feel much more "in-tune" with nature when I take a hike. There is absolutely no better feeling than taking that final step to the top of a peak or a lookout, and you look around to see the most breath-taking view. I remember the first time I ever stepped out and saw the way those big, beautiful mountains seemed to roll on forever, and suddenly I felt so small in comparison. It's truly an incredible feeling.
           There are countless trails and climbs located right here in the High Country where you can experience this for yourself. Whether you're a hiking junkie like me, or you are just getting started, this list of trails is great for helping you find the perfect hike!

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